Kenny Chan

Senior Front End Developer @ Shopify
Founder of Pixel Walrus Inc. — A development agency in Toronto

Heads up, this webpage was last updated October 2018, and a lot of the information is out of date now.


It's been well over 7 years since I've been exposed to the fundamentals of coding. Over these years, I've worked multiple co-ops in companies located in Toronto and San Francisco. Having finally settled down and continuing full-time at Shopify Toronto, I will be polishing my skills in Ruby on Rails and ES6. Although I specialize in Front-End Development (FED), some other relevant skills I have include Python, Nginx, AngularJS, SQL, and SEO.

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Exploring is one of my passions in life. Whether it is halfway across the world or down the street in my own backyard, I love immersing myself in the culture. Although I am based in Toronto, you will find me bouncing from city-to-city during my free time. My latest adventure will be immediately after graduation, visiting cities including Hong Kong, Taipei, and Tokyo. If you're also a fellow explorer, I'm sure we would be best buddies.


Recently, I've gotten back into gaming. Whether it's board games or video games, I'm always looking to have a good time with fellow gamers. It's a great way to relieve stress and it's always fun to have a little bit of competition. Currently, I'm really into Overwatch and Dragon Ball Fighter Z. If you're also into gaming, maybe we should play?

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